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Shown below is a selection of the high quality hand-made wooden products we have available.

To see the currently available items and to order online, please visit our Etsy shop.


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Cawl Spoons

Lady Oak Wood - Cawl Spoons

These are traditional Welsh spoons for eating Cawl, the national dish of Wales. The larger size make ideal serving spoons, the medium size are ideal for eating soup or even Cawl (lamb stew!), while the smaller size are suitable for serving pickles, jams and olives.

These are also available as commissions, please contact us for available woods.

Small £12
Medium £15
Large £20

Handmade Wooden Spoons

Lady Oak Wood - Wooden Spoons

These spoons are handmade by ourselves and are crafted from various woods, all of which are suitable for their intended use. Small ones make good teaspoons or children’s spoons, the medium sized are ideal eating spoons and the larger ones make perfect cooking spoons.

There are two varieties of the larger cooking spoons; the painted and decorated styles are carved from straight timber, while the other type, which has a hook on the back, are carved from a crooked branch of the tree. We have been making the Crook Spoons for some years now and they are very strong because the grain follows the shape of the spoon, they also work incredibly well as cooking and serving spoons.

These are also available as commission items, please contact us for available woods and to discuss the style and intended use of the spoon.


Lady Oak Wood - Wooden SpoonsLady Oak Wood - Wooden Spoons


Small Spoons £7
Easting Spoons £15
Cooking Spoons £18

Wooden Signs

Lady Oak Wood - Shed signs Lady Oak Wood - Shed signs

Lady Oak Wood - Shed signs Lady Oak Wood - Shed signs

Custom made shed signs with hand braided woollen cord, your message is pyrographed on to the sign, cord colours vary.

£10.00 each


We hand carve our bowls using traditional tools; axe, adze and gouges, we then treat them with Flax oil sourced from a farm in Sussex and finished off with a homemade wax polish made from Flax oil, Beeswax and essential oils. The wood we use is sourced from suitable pieces we find as part of our woodland management, or, occasionally, from the local area.

The bowls pictured are of our current stock and are available for immediate purchase. They are suitable for a variety of uses, as salad, fruit bowls and eating bowls, we even make the occasional dough bowl.  Each bowl is unique and will make a bold statement in any household.

Large round Beech wood bowl with handles

This large bowl is made from a piece of Beech sourced from nearby Scotney Castle here in Kent, the tree being felled as part of their woodland management scheme. This bowl measures 29cm diameter by 22cm. The spalting in this bowl adds wonderful lines and colours, but it has cracked in a couple of places, which is normal for Beech and, in the traditional way, we have stitched these areas to hold them securely in place and prevent further movement.

Lady Oak Wood - Bowls

£120.00 + £5.95 p&p

Beech bowl with handles

This bowl is made from a piece of the Beech we sourced from Scotney Castle. It is 56cm long including the handles, 23cm wide and 6.5cm deep. The spalting adds lines, colours and patterns that only nature could devise.

Lady Oak Wood - Bowls

£90.00 + £5.95 p&p

Sycamore bowl

This is an elegant simple round Sycamore bowl with a subtle pattern around the outer rim.  The bowl measures 26cm diameter.

Lady Oak Wood - Bowls

£50.00 + £5.95 p&p

Painted birch bowl

This Birch wood bowl shows some amazing burr patterns on the inside. Burrs make bowls very difficult to hand finish due to the grain going in many directions but the effort is rewarded with some stunning designs. The outside of this bowl has been painted with gold and blue craft acrylic paint. The size is 26cm by 17cm by 6cm deep.

Lady Oak Wood - Bowls

£40.00 + £5.95 p&p

Shrink pots

These are an ancient way of making a pot by hollowing out a greenwood log to make a tube, then fitting a dry piece of wood for the base. The tube then shrinks as it dries thus holding the base securely in place. A lid can then be fitted to complete the pot.

These two pots are made from Birch for the tube with either Sweet Chestnut or Cherry bases, the lids are both made from Yew. They are very large and can be put to many uses; they would also make sympathetic urns for a loved ones remains. The largest measures 25cm high including handle, and the smallest 19cm high. The outside of each pot has been carved with a decorative design.

Lady Oak Wood - Shrink Pots

Lady Oak Wood - Bowls

Please Enquire for our latest stock.

Small £15 to £20
Medium £25 to £50
Large £100 hrink Pot (tall) £110.00
+ £5.95 p&p


Other Products

We also make a variety of other products that are available on request, please contact us for further details.


Nisse are household spirits who secretly inhabit farms and dwellings and, if treated kindly, they are mostly benevolent, protecting children, animals, doing household and farm chores, they also bring gifts over Yuletide.  Their capacity for work is immense and they are seen as being of great benefit to any household.

Lady Oak Wood - Nisse

Each Nisse is individually carved and unique in design and colour. If you would like to see what we have in stock then please contact us, or we can pick one for you.

Ogham Sets

Lady Oak Wood - Runes

Each stave is in the corresponding wood and has been carved and pyrographied by hand and finished in beeswax. The bag is handmade from linen, lined in cotton with a wool tie and elder wood bead. A simple explanation sheet is also included.

Please Enquire for latest stock.

£35.00 + £4.95 p&p



Sweet Chestnut Hurdles

Please get in touch as these can be made to fit your individual size and needs.

Lady Oak Wood - Hurdles

In the case of Gates, fitting can be arranged too.

Lady Oak Wood - Hurdles

Mini £10 to £15
Larger sizes to order £20 to £50
Chestnut gates to order £50 to £100


Crochet Hooks

Lady Oak Wood - Crochet Hooks

£7.50 each


Please Enquire for latest stock.

Lady Oak Wood - Bullroarers

£15.00 each


Shrink Pots

Lady Oak Wood - Shrink Pots


Coat Hooks

Please enquire for latest stock.

Lady Oak Wood - Coat Hooks


Lady Oak Wood - Coat Hooks

Small £4.50
Medium £6.50
Coat Rack £20 to £40



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