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Every year we run a few workshops teaching various aspects of Greenwood working. We use tools such as axes, draw knives, tenon cutters, gouges and chisels, and devices such as shave horses and various adaptable benches to suit the particular workshop.

Lady Oak carving workshop

We like to tailor what we are teaching to your group or event, so let us know the age range you have. Parent and Child workshops are popular however any child under the age of 16 would need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. We have a mobile workspace for use at festivals, which we could bring to you, or we may be able to fit into any suitable space you already have access to. Occasionally we will also take small groups at the woods for a weekend.

Lady Oak workshop

We are currently running the following workshops:-

Spoon Making 1 and 2 day.

We will show you how to select the wood and using the basic tools of Axe, Knife and Crook Knife we will teach you the various methods of carving a spoon from that wood.

Please Enquire to book for your group or event.

Lady Oak Wood - handmade wodden spoonsLady Oak Woods spoons and quiltsLady Oak - handmade spoons and bowls from ancient woodland
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